As an editor Leanne has worked with clients like VICE, Broadly, The Guardian, The United Nations, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Save the Children and WaterAid.  Her work with NGO's and charities has taken her all over the world in the past ten years including Malawi, Senegal, Rwanda, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Sierra Leone and Tanzania amongst many others.  





Eternal K-Hole of the Spotless Mind: High Society

Client: VICE

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Timmy Davis is not an alcoholic. But like many twenty-something students, he's worried he may be drinking too much. 

Dr. Ravi Das is a neuropsychopharmacologist at University College London whose research explores whether we can intervene in addiction by weakening those memories.

Timmy has volunteered for Dr. Das' latest experiment, in which 90 volunteers will receive a ketamine infusion in a controlled setting. Timmy is no stranger to psychedelics. But could a drug he has previously encountered recreationally really help him cut down his drinking?


Sweden's Hidden People: VICE Reports

Client: VICE

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In this episode of VICE Reports Hidden in Sweden, correspondent Milène Larsson discovers the emergence of a growing parallel society in Sweden, as increasing numbers of denied asylum seekers who fear deportation are going into hiding. 


The Red Zone: Surviving Ebola

Finalist: Conscious Good Humanitarian Film Festival

Best friends Sorie, Sewa and Yokie were studying to be nurses when the Ebola epidemic began in Sierra Leone.  They were given the option to work in the “red zone” – the Ebola isolation unit at Connaught Hospital – and agreed, despite the danger.


Disowned by their families and friends, they were thrown out of their lodgings and ended up sharing a small room at the hospital.


They worked the night shift, and often lost 5 or 6 patients a night. One night, one of the men had an accident that affected all three of them.


This is their story.


Client: WaterAid UK

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What would tampon adverts look like if men had periods?






Lebanon's Lost Boys

Client: The Guardian

While many make the journey to Europe, the tiny country of Lebanon is home to about 1.2 million refugees from the war in neighbouring Syria, many of them children. 

With their parents unable to find work, childhood has been put on hold for this group of flower sellers who work through the night to support their families.

Mary, former cutter

Client: ActionAid







Sex workers take steroids - Bangladeshi sex workers 'plump up' for clients | Guardian Investigations

Client: The Guardian

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The most viewed video in The Guardian's history

Sex workers in Bangladesh, some as young as 12, are putting their health at risk by taking a drug to make themselves fatter so they are more attractive to clients. Their madams feed them steroids also used to make cows gain weight.



International Dance Day

Client: WaterAid UK