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NOCTURN press still 1.jpg


2011 / 16mins / BFI 

Jody has insomnia. Almost every night she leaves her sleeping husband and child and fills the lonely twilight hours walking the empty streets of suburbia. But tonight is different; at the local 24-hour garage a passionate young couple have caught Jody’s eye. 

NOCTURN press still 3.jpg


Cast: Tamzin Malleson, Jennie Jacques, Gregg Chillin

Written & Directed by: Leanne Welham

Produced by: Rosie Crerar

Cinematography: Kate Reid

Editor: Kant Pan


awards & festivals

XX Award for Best Film, Underwire Film Festival 2012

Award for Best Producer, Underwire Film Festival 2012

Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Nomination, SXSW Film Festival 2011 

Audience Award Nomination, Stockholm Film Festival 2011

Audience Award Nomination, LSFF 2012

L.A Femme Film Festival, 2011

BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 2012

East End Film Festival, 2012

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